Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tracks Keep A'Comin! (Blog Gets Forgotten)

YYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo! So i haven't exactly been keeping the blog up-to-date for a few months, my bad, but i have stuck two new tracks out there on the TigerVegan Soundcloud site so i hope you found them there ok? If not, check it out sometime.. y'know, just when you're free n' that.

I'll stick them tracks up here soon though - i just kind of forget to do it because Blogger is shit and whenever i try and add to the Bootlegs page it throws all the text out of whack and changes the fonts etc. How annnnnoooyyying! So i'm gonna try and simplify that area but it'll have to wait a few days.

Anyhoo, hope you're rockin'! My latest track is called "Daftmaster Flash" and i'm defo gonna post about it soon as it's a bit of a mindfuck and i'm well excited about it.

Peace yeah! xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Deadhor5e & The Cherry Tops

holler y'all! so i've gone and put a new track out and not even updated my blog about it - sneaky! (lazy!)

so anyhoo, it's been received pretty awesomely so far - maybe you'll like it too? if not, i pity you. pity pity pity YOU YOU YOU! not really.. you know i'll still have mad love for you - but it's quite cool for me, this track, because it's the "newest" track of mine that i've ever put out - i mean, everything else i've put out was started fucking ages ago (3/4 years in some cases) whereas this 'un was only started in around January this year so i'm pretty chuffed with that you know.

enjoy! xxx

as always, free download here -


Friday, 25 February 2011

Test Icicles Bootleg - Hooray!

Now then!! You may (or may not?) have noticed that I snook a brand new track onto the Bootlegs page about a week or so ago - aw no he ditn't! - well, yes, I did. And I'm veeeery pleased to tell you that it features a band who I still totally rate even years after they imploded - Test Icicles!

I've never heard of a Test Icicles bootleg before either so it's quite nice in that respect too - someone else may have made one, and they probably have done, but as I'm kind of oblivious to what else is going on out there in the world of mashing etc you'd probably know more about that than I would! If you know of any other Test Icicles mash-ups though, definitely drop me a line and let me know cos I'd love to hear 'em.

As always, free downloads available from the TigerVegan Soundcloud page - woo hoo!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Happy New YEAH!

Woo hoo, 2011! So we've already used up about 20 days so far and i haven't posted a single new track to break this most-potentially-awesome year in with!!!! AwwWw shucks, I really don't deserve you.. but let me redeem myself by posting a new bootleg! You'll like it, i know it.. i feel it in my bone marrow and back again.

Here are the exciting details OH YEAAAH!!! It's that ohh so classic Rihanna track "Umbrella" mixed with a big slice of English indie upstarts Kaiser Chiefs with their track "Ruby". I thought long and hard for a title and then it came to me... "Ruby Umbrella". A moment of genius i'm sure you will agree!

You know where it is >> BOOTLEGS SECTION! Enjoy.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wakey Wakey

Dude, i'm totally not keeping this blog as active as i meant to - i mean, don't get me wrong, new shit is being put out there - i just forget to blog about it!!

Ok, so let's be quick about this one - a new TigerVegan bootleg was released a couple of weeks back called "Bill Cosby's Coke & Voodoo Work Out". Now, i know you might not be into coke or voodoo, but you know you loves yourself some Bill Cosby. Who doesn't?

AnyhOo, you can watch the little promo video i made for it here - and you can download the mp3 in the Bootlegs section of this blog.

Wrap up warm y'all. Shit's icy out there! xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Get With The Program

Holy Hell, it can't be a month since i posted on here???! I really need to be a bit more blog-minded and give you treats more often than this! Well, if you have bothered to hang around then you know i love you, and if you look carefully you may even find a NEW BOOTLEG somewhere... out there... loitering!

More news on that with a proper post soon!.. and more tracks too that I'm just itching to put out, but am really swamped right now! - and it's Chromeo this weekend so don't think I'm hanging round here blogging my balls off when there's funk to be had - oh no!

Toffee apples y'all!!!!!! x

Friday, 15 October 2010

Nasty! Violent! Full On!

Hello you - Well i did promise new stuff didn't I? Aaaaah have it already! We're all busy people...

There's a pleasant symmetry to the new tracks here, in that you're getting one bootleg and one remix - do you follow me? Well, worry not about that.. just go and check them out, like! One has the name "Sexy! Fo Fo Foals" and one has the name "Feel Good Inc - TigerVegan's Slit-To-Bits Remix". I bet you can find them.

Have an awesome weekend - it's soup weather don't you know, and soup is my favourite. Mmmm butternut squashy.

Night then x